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 Deutsch Our Prophet's Farewell Hutba
Our Prophet's Farewell Hutba
In the name of ALLAH, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

O people,

"listen good to my words. I don't know, but maybe I won't meet you here again after this year.

"O people,

"just the way these days, these months are sacred, and just the way this town (Mekka) is sacred, your lifes, your goods and your honour are sacred the same way, they are protected from any kind of attack.

"O my followers,

"For sure, you will be reunited with your RABB. And HE will interrogate you about what you have done. And don't you ever turn to your former perversions and don't you behead of each other! You, who are here, do cause to reach my last request to the ones who are not here. It might well be, that someone, who is here can cause to reach it to someone, who understands it better.


"O my followers,

"Whoever has anything entrusted, shall give it back immediately to its posessor. Do know, that any kind of interest has been removed. ALLAH has given order like this. The first interest I have removed, is the interest of Abbas, son of Abdulmuttalib. But the capital belongs to yourself. Do not tyronize and don't let other tyronize you.

"O my followers,

"Do pay attention, that all the customs from the Cahiliye (the time befor our Prophet) have been removed. They are all below my feets. The vendettas, which were common before, are now completely removed. And the first vendetta, that I remove, is the vendetta of Iyas, son of Rabia, grandchild of Abdulmuttalib.

"O people,

"Undoubtedly, the devil has no more hope, that somebody will ever idolize him on these grounds. But you will follow seytan in other small and thin situations, and this will make him happy. To save your religion, do avoid this.

Woman rights

"O people,

"I recommend you, to respect women rights and to be afraid of ALLAH in this subject. You took them from ALLAH as a trust and you made their honour helal for you with the permission of ALLAH. You have rights on your women and women have rights on you. The right, you have on your women are; they should not let anybody trample down your bed, and they must not let anybody in your house, that you don't like without your permission. If they do so, then ALLAH allows you to leave them alone in their bed; or, if this doesn't help, to hit them, but very gently. The rights, your women have on you are, that you assure them food and clothes, which are suitable to the local customs.

Two Trusts

"O mü'min,

"I leave you two trusts. As long as you cling on them, you will never lose your way. Those trusts are the book of ALLAH, the Qur'an and the Sunna of the Prophet.


"O mü'min,

"Do listen good to my words, and learn them by heart well. A muslim is the brother of a muslim, and so all muslims are brothers. Neither the blood nor the goods of a muslim are helal to another muslim. But if he gives his goods voluntary, that is different.

"O people,

"ALLAH has given the rights to everybody, who owns a right. ALLAH has seperated every one's share from the heritage. There is no need to make a testament for the inheritors. The child belongs to the one, in whose bed it was born. There is deprivation for someone who made zina (adultery). Somebody, who claims another family line than his father's, or who joins someone else than his master, he shall be damned by ALLAH's angels and the whole humanity. ALLAH doesn't accept those people's repentance, justice or attestations (shahâdet).

All People Are Equal

"O people,

"Your Rabb is One. And your father is one. You are all children of Adam; and Adam is made of soil. As there is no supermacy of an arab over an non-arab, or an non-arab over an arab, there is no supermacy of a red-skinned over a black-skinned or a black-skinned over a red-skinned. Superiority can only be in your takva (the degree of how much you are afraid of ALLAH). For ALLAH the most precious among you, is the one, who fears ALLAH the most.

"If a black slave with an broken stick is appointed as a superior over you, and he leads you with the book of ALLAH, so do listen to him and do obey him.

The Basic Of Justice

"The guilty one can only be accused for his guilt. The father cannot be accuse for what his son has done, and the son cannot be accused for what his father has done.

"Pay attention, not to do these four things definitely:

1. Do not take a partner to ALLAH!

2. Do not kill unjustely, what ALLAH has made haram or what ALLAH has forbidden you to touch!

3. Don't do adultery!

4. Don't steal!

"I have been ordered to make cihad against people, until the say "la ilahe illallah, Muhammden Resulullah". The moment they say this, their blood and their goods will be safe. And ALLAH will make the final account.

"O people,

"Tomorrow they will ask you about me. What are you going to tell them?"

The followers of Rasulallah said all together:

"We will witness, that you have fulfilled ALLAH's legation, that you have done your duty as due and that you bequethed and counseled us."

Then Rasoulallah raised his index finger, turned to the crowed and said:

"Be Witness, yâ Rabb! Be Witness, yâ Rabb! Be Witness, yâ Rabb!"


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