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About RAVDA.net
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About RAVDA.net

The english section of Ravda.Net was opened at his 4th. anniversary of publication.
Ravda.Net, after opened in the 21 september of 2002, has become one of the most visited
islamic website of the world by gaining the appreciation of the all muslims.

We will keep the will of service to Ummath for the sake of Allah as the volunteers who want
to be the voice of the emotions of all muslims.

  • Ravda.Net does not belong to anyone. All decisions are made by consultation.
  • The decisive members known as RAVDATe@m are the people who dwells in different places of the world and
    who comes together in a periodik time by means of technologic possibilities.
  • Our website does not belong to any groups or parties and communities. We are always upper than the
    individual idols.
  • Our website is not a sister website of any other ones. However; it has many sister web sites.
  • Our website has no partnership with any other site. It supports all honest websites.
  • All the personal information are kept hidden and are never distributed to others.

You can also support us in order our service to be better inshallah.

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